Corporate Events

"(Re)connect people to their nature and promote alignment of purposes"

Nature has inspiring ways, processes and strategies to design more efficient business models: with more balance, efficiency, resilience, better communication and integration.

Our agenda proposes unique experiences and privileged contact with the forest, (re) connecting individuals to their nature and promoting the alignment of purposes between the group and the organization.

Check out some of the customers who are already with us: Electrolux, Volvo, Fundação Boticário, Grupo Boticário, Mitsubishi, Exxon Mobil, Shattdecor, RCI Bank and Services, Cattalini, Conseg Consórcios, Celepar, Grupo Arotubi, Nutrimedical, Nutriclin, SPVS, Serra Verde Express , Beto Madalosso, Restaurante Manu, Tourmaline, JNS Seguradora, Conseg, Peroxides, Pró Vascular and NQM.

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