Atlantic Forest Great Reserve

Ekôa Park. You. We are part of the largest continuous remnant of this biome on the planet.

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most incredible tropical forests in the world. In its vast territory it holds natural and cultural wealth, it houses the largest Brazilian cities and is home to 120 million people. Our History was built in the Atlantic Forest and it is a witness to the development of our nation. However, most of its landscapes have been transformed by human activities and its natural wealth has been explored intensively, causing environmental imbalance and affecting people’s quality of life. The good news is that a significant portion of preserved forest remains!

Between the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina is the last large continuous remnant of this biome, called the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve. This green carpet of 2 million hectares where Ekôa Park is located, houses a huge diversity of wildlife, mountains, caves, waterfalls, bays, mangroves and beaches, in addition to unique traditional communities. We cannot put that gem at risk! Economic development in this region has its main source in Nature Production. The Atlantic Forest is a Brazilian heritage and needs to be valued, recognized and preserved by everyone.

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